Datamation highlights the disruptive potential of Rockport’s Switchless Architecture

Rockport’s new CEO, Phil Harris, recently spoke with Rob Enderle at Datamation to give him the inside scoop on what makes Rockport’s Scalable Fabric so compelling. It was a great conversation and it prompted Rob to put Rockport on his list of companies to watch:

“We are overdue for a major technology change, particularly in networking. One of the new companies to watch is Rockport Networks, which has a new approach to networking, one that not only aggressively uses optical cabling, but aims to reduce the complexity, footprint, and operational cost of running the site. They do this by rethinking network topology and reducing the typical complexity surrounding most networking projects.

While you’ll only see Rockport networks in the HPC space, and most often critical supercomputers, like the TACC Frontera Supercomputer, I think its technology has far broader implications that could disrupt networking as we know it.”

Read the full write up here.

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