Rockport Ethernet Fabric

High-performance and low-latency, tuned for resource-intensive workloads.


faster workload completion (on average)


reduced latency under load

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Optimize your clusters

Limit congestion under load, achieve better workload completion times and strand fewer resources. 


Save time and money

Deploy a network in a fraction of the time, while reducing power, cooling, rack space and cabling.  


Scale as you go

Start with what you need and reuse nodes for a completely modular, flexible and cost-effective network fabric. 


See inside your network

View real-time, end-to-end traffic flows and troubleshoot network performance. 

Distributed by design. Optimized for performance. 

The Rockport Ethernet Fabric delivers the best performance per watt per dollar in the industry. 

By distributing the network switching function into each device endpoint, the nodes become the network, for advanced congestion control, linear, elastic scaling and built-in redundancy.

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The Consequences of Congestion

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