Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Rockport Switchless Network over High Performance InfiniBand or Ethernet

Rockport has redefined networking for performance-intensive computing, with a new architecture that enables better performance and economics to address decades-old industry challenges. Here are the top 10 reasons you should choose a Rockport network over traditional high performance Infiniband or Ethernet networks.

1. Unlocks HPC/AI Compute and Storage

A Switchless Network outperforms traditional networks when it comes to compute and storage resource utilization. A fully distributed switching fabric, it eliminates network bottlenecks and ensures resources don’t sit idle. Watch Advanced Congestion Control for Addressing Network Bottlenecks.

2. Faster Results, Predictably

Delivering advanced latency and congestion control, a Switchless Network provides faster, more predictable workload completion times. Removing the switch enables better performance and effective bandwidth capacity so you can deliver accelerated results with greater certainty. Watch Achieving Better Performance in the Age of HPC and AI.

3. One Network, Workload Agnostic

Don’t run separate networks for high performance workloads and storage traffic. A Switchless Network is workload agnostic, whether it’s HPC, AI/ML/DL, or HPDA. Use any MPI library, parallel programming model, operating system driver or software stack.

4. High Performance Without the Headaches

Intelligent and autonomous, the Switchless Network is self discovering, self configuring and self healing. Install the standard PCIe networking card in the server, plug into the passive optical interconnect, boot up the network management software and that’s it – a supercomputer network fabric up and running in minutes.

5. Pre-wired and Modular for Simplified Scaling

With a Switchless Network, you get all the sophistication and scaling of supercomputing without the hassles. Topologies are pre-configured and cabling pre-wired, so you can easily add nodes as your needs change.

6. Intuitive and Insightful Telemetry

Your network shouldn’t be a black box. With a Switchless Network you get complete oversight so you can see inside your network to monitor the performance of individual nodes, track end-to-end traffic flows, manage system-wide settings, and optimize advanced features system-wide. Watch a demo of Rockport’s Autonomous Network Manager (ANM).

7. Redundant, Resilient and Secure by Design

Stop designing and budgeting around the shortfalls of legacy networks. A Switchless Network is inherently redundant and resilient, delivering maximum uptime and economic efficiencies. No switches mean fewer attack surfaces, making it fundamentally more secure.

8. Reduces Overhead and Operational Burden

A Switchless Network is significantly less expensive to operate over its lifetime. Lower power and cooling requirements, less space, and total network transparency make this a smart and cost-effective choice.

9. Inherently Green

Dematerialize and decarbonize effortlessly. With no switches and fewer cables, the overall materials required to build a Rockport Network are greatly reduced. It also consumes significantly less energy than traditional networks, making it easier to meet or exceed green mandates.

10. Finally, an Alternative

Designed as the fabric of the future, a Rockport Switchless Network has a fully distributed architecture and is ready for the next generation of performance-intensive computing. You now have a powerful alternative to evaluate when building your next cluster. Request a demo with a Rockport Solution Architect.

Find your own reason to go switchless.

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